What We Offer
Bikes and Blades has extensive experience providing bicycle and running related team
building events to corporate customers. These events range from Charity Bike Builds to
providing Duathlon and Triathlon events utilizing the West Orange Trail and surrounding
resources. We can provide door to door events including the event, transportation, and
food and beverage service. If you have a need for fun, athletic team building events, we
are your one stop shop.

Charity Bike Builds
These events allow your employees to have fun and be charitable at the same time. We
provide the unassembled bikes, oversee your employees building them, and partner
with local charities to bring kids to the event who will receive the donated bikes. These
events allow companies visiting the local area to give back to the community, and have
fun while they do it.

Duathlons and Triathlons
The West Orange Trail and surrounding lakes and pools make the perfect location for
running, biking, and swimming team building events. We can accommodate all levels of
events from the team just wanting to get out and exercise, to the competitive office group
that wants to be timed so they can have bragging rights. We have the experience to
insure that your bicycle and running events run smoothly.

Bicycle Tours
West Orange Trail Bikes and Blades has provided tours throughout Central Florida and
the United States. We can offer your team a two hour tour along the West Orange Trail,
and all day tour along one of Central Florida's many other rail-trails, or a multi-day tour
along some of the countries longer rail-trails like Missouri's Katy Trail or Pennsylvania's
Allegheny Highlands Trails. We can plan the event from door to door, including the event,
transportation, and food and beverage service.

Who do I Contact
Our Event Coordinator is waiting to answer your questions. She can be reached on her
cell phone at 407-247-2419, or you can reach her via
email. Our team building events
allow your group to connect with each other, the community, and the environment.
Charity Bike Build
Participants work to
assemble bikes that will later
be donated to local charities.
Runner enter the transition
area during a recent duathlon
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